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A mantra for every problem

Oblivious to the towers of
books looming over him on the table and on the dusty, cob-webbed cuoboards around him,J Nath pores over the horoscope charts of his clients. A small booklet from the mountain of books behind him is needed for a reference, and the ageingastrologer zeroes in on it with no difficulty. "Why  are you surprised?" he asks, when you marvel at his ability to remember its precise location. "I have done my japa for years," he says, with reference to his agile memory. A 'classical' astrologer,  Nath claims to be the twenty-second in a generation of astrologers, and prescribe mantra to his clients to overcome  ill-health and other problems. But to be able to prescribe a mantra, nath needs to study a person's horoscope.
   "When a person is born, the position of the planets and their megnetic effect decides  the person's traits. For example, France's astrologer Michael Jaclyn'studies in the subject have revealed that all sportsman have Mars in the first house. If ther's Venus in the second house, that pewrson will always be rich. The first house in the horoscope chart reveals the person's persnality, the second is the house of wealth," says Nath.
   Happiness, education, disease, mariage, and other important areas of personal life, he continues, are represented by other houses. "Diseaes and all illness   are the sixth house. For example, all smokers will not get cancer. Why do you think thatis so? Only if the moon  or jupiter are in that house is a smoker likly to get cancer. The position of the planets can only be arrived at with the help of precise mathemetical calculation, says Nath. "This is a peerfect psychic science " he declares.
   In the case of an impending disaster or failure, the situation can be reversed by mantras, he says.  
   "Correction is possible. But people come to us only after much damage has already been done. For example, we can predict disease in a person," he states confidently. "I have worked on 8000 cases of infertality with the late DrPurandare who was a worldfamous authority on fertility. If a man and a woman have 'Nadi          
Disha', {no equivelent term in English} i.e. if both have the same 'Nadi', they will not be able to have a child. But a mantra can fix this."
   How can a planet, thousands of miles away, influence our behaviour with its magnetic properties? How can a mere mantra change it? Nath answer the first question ..."why do people stop growing at 5-6 feet at acertain age and why don't they keep growing forever? As for the mantras and their effect, "There are six chakras,energy centers in the bodyalong the spine. Modern medicine has found six glands corresponding to these chakras

Mahesh Ramchandani

.The Visuddha Chakra- "thyroid" in medical terms -responds to the sound 'A, aa, e, ee,...etc,' and if you have a thyroid problem, repeating a mantra base don these sounds can cure it."
   At one level everything  is a form of energy, he explaines, and in this case the sound [as form of energy] of that chakra activates the gland. "The mantra will create  the particular neuro - chemical which your body has forgotten. Disease is the result of the righrt commands not reaching the brain via the medullaoblongata because of an unfavourable planetary position. Mantras reverse the neuro-chemical imbalance in the body." If there's something a person wants and if nature has forgotten to give the same, a look at the horoscope and the right mantras to offset its negative influence can turn the situation around.    
   Simillarly, he explains, the Anahat chakra, which responds to the sound energy of ka and othert syllables, controls neuro chemical associated with a heart. The Manipur chakra, near the liver, and so on. "The Manipur Chakra's syllable is Dam, Nam,etc.' and a mantra that contain these sounds will activate th eliver of this person. IOf the liver malfunctions, it's the job of the medulla oblongata in the brain to signal the liver to creat those particuler neuro-chemiacals required for the body. But if it doesn't,  then

there is disease and the same
chemicals have to be added from the outside. But,with the mantra, the same chemicals are generated in the body. 
   As for the meaning of what sounds like a incomprehensible string of syllables, Nath says the meaning is not neccessary. "This is problem area, a tricky situation here." But he attemps and explanation. "What is the meaning of your name? you may not know the meaning, but if someone calls you by your name you will respond to it. You respond to the sound. Its all sound. When a child learns a multiplication table, he's memorising the sounds to start with. Only later when he applies the table, he discovers its meaning.-- The body was automatically--it's not important to know the meaning; the repitation of the words triggers the Chakras and craetes   neccessary neuro-chemicals which the brain takes note of and tunes itself."
   Reciting it incorrectly is not harmful. "Its like dialling a wrong phone number." He says, however, he cautions, one has to be carefull about the number of times it is repeated. " A spoon of ghee a day for 10 days may do good,. but the same 10 spoons in a day can cause a harm." he warns.
   Nath claims to have used mantras accompanied by pujas to cure many health probl;ems including infertility, alcoholism, impotence, asthma,  and more."Anything can be cured with this," he says confidently.
   He  laments the fact that astrology and related 'sciences' have not been given their due recognation. " The university grants comission does not spend a paise on astrology and since it's not recognised and formalised, charlatans and con-astrologers are aplenty."
   Nath, however, is not willing to disclose the name sof  people who have been treted by him. They may not want to be identified or interviewed about thier personal problems, he says. As a result, it has not been possible to speake to the peeople who may have benifited from his advice.
   J nath can be contacted on 7822175.                     

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