Precious Stones

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     Scientifically it is proved that Colour Radiation which is coming out from the real precious stones is affecting your body.
     In Veda precious stones is suggested for worship of Planet who is ruling the Human life.   

Ruby    Pearl Coral   Emerald

Yellow Sapphire   Diamond     

Blue Sapphire   Gomed   Cat's Eye 


    In Birth Chart /Moon chart [if birth chart is not known]
2nd house is Money house
10th house is Bussiness house
     worship & wearing of precious stone of the lord of 2nd - 10th  house give you money & improvement in  bussiness.
6th house is Service house [for the person doing job]
     worship & wearing of precious stone of the lord of 2nd - 6th house give you money & progress in job.
Table of Lord [planet] / Precious stones of 2nd house / 6th house / 10th house for different different ascendent.

Ascendent Money House Bussiness House Service House
1-Aries Venus-Diamond Saturn-Blue sapphire Mercury-Emerald
2-Taurus Mercury-Emerald Saturn-Blue sapphire Venus-Diamond
3-Gemini Moon-Pearl Jupiter-yellow sapphire Mars-Coral
4-Cancer Sun-Ruby Mars-Coral Jupiter-yellow sapphire
5-Leo Mercury-Emerald Venus-Diamond Saturn-Blue sapphire
6-Virgo Venus-Diamond Mercury-Emerald Saturn-Blue sapphire
7-Libra Mars-Coral Moon-Pearl Jupiter-yellow sapphire
8-Scorpio Jupiter-yellow sapphire Sun-Ruby Mars-Coral
9-Sagittarius Saturn-Blue sapphire Mercury-Emerald Venus-Diamond
10-Capricon Saturn-blue sapphire Venus-Diamond Mercury-Emerald
11-Aquarius Jupiter-yellow sapphire Mars-Coral Moon-Pearl
12-Pisces Mars-Coral Jupiter-yellow sapphire Sun-Ruby

Above mentioned precious stone is available as a LOCKET -- studded in silver.
Cost of 
EACH  ASTROLOGICAL  STONE  LOCKET  IS  $ 60.00 [which  includes locket prize & forwarding / packaging cost].

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